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feat.Supire 4部作完成!!Spotifyのプレイリストでどうぞ♪



Spotifyにプレイリスト「hina-sammue (feat. Supire)」を用意しましたので、是非そこからお楽しみください。

We have completed the release of all four songs, starting with the featured version by hardcore techno artist Supire for the Emergenza Japan Final at Yokohama 1000club on Saturday, July 9, 2022, and the colors at the end of July.

Arranged in one month with the world finals in Germany in mind and inspired by the outdoor festival in Taubertal, Germany, colors was written in the three weeks before the Japan finals for that occasion.

We have prepared a playlist "hina-sammue (feat. Supire)" on Spotify, please enjoy it from there.



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