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  • 執筆者の写真hajimex




2021年1月1日に“55_09”をリリースすることができました。念願のドラムとベース入りです。素敵でかつ個性的なバンドサウンドにしてくれたドラムの #和也Rainbow さん、ベースの #わかざえもん さんには大感謝です。彼らの演奏は独特で唯一無二なものがあり最高です!じっくりと我々の新しいサインドを聴いてみてください。

“55_09”とは、ギターのhajimex の年齢と、ボーカルの #hinako の次男の年齢です。「55歳の夢も9歳の夢も変わらずに永遠なれ!」という思いを込めたタイトルです。



A Happy New Year to you all!

We were able to release "55_09" on January 1, 2021. It includes drums and bass. I'd like to thank #和也Rainbow on drums and #Wakazaemon on bass for making the band sound so nice and unique. Their performance is very original, one-of-a-kind, and awesome! Please take your time and listen to brand-new our sound.

"55_09" is the age of hajimex, the guitarist, and the second son of #hinako, the vocalist. It's a title that expresses my wish that "the dream of a 55-year-old and the dream of a 9-year-old remain the same forever! This is the title of our project.

We are just starting out, and we will continue to create and produce new things while challenging ourselves in various ways.

We hope that our songs and performances will give you the energy you need to face tomorrow.




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