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【blog】スマフォに感謝! Thank God for smartphones!



The cover image is of M1tqm1n (Me-ta-me-n) in ultimate relaxation, using her smartphone to draw an illustration!

Drawings by the artist herself!



After completing "trinity," which will be released on June 9, I realized that smartphones are very important in all creative activities, and that I should be very conscious of this fact as I continue to create.

A symbolic example of this is jacket of our "trinity" album. The artist, called M1tqm1n (Me-ta-me-n), drew it with her fingers using her smartphone.


↑M1tqm1n (Me-ta-me-n),herself and her representative works













We were attracted by the power and delicacy of the work drawn with a smartphone, and We asked her to draw the album jacket for us, because I wanted it to ooze the same energy as hina-sammue's work.

I was surprised thinking "How is it possible to draw with just fingers using a. smartphone." and then We realized that hina-sammue's creative activities in general rely on her smartphone.

First, the composition is done in a very analog way, with hajimex developing the rhythm and melody on his guitar and recording it on his phone. One of the dozens of songs will be presented in front of fans. (Many of the songs are rejected without even being played by the members.)

For the songs that will remain until the end, I have the main English lyrics in mind from the beginning of composition. Then I utilize translation software to complete the details, share them with the band members on the Line app and move on to the band arrangement.

After recording and mixing, the final products will be mastered by Mr. Seigen Ono, who is aware of the importance of playback on smartphones and YouTube in today's viewing environment.

I uploaded the sound source privately on YouTube and played it on phone speakers to see if it could be reproduced in as much detail as possible. We play it not only with high performance headphones and earphones, but also with the phone speakers to verify many patterns.

And our music video, of course, is shot on my phone and uploaded on YouTube.

And I believe that the majority of you are listening to our songs on your smartphones through subscriptions and downloads, while our news flying out to everyone through social networking sites.

I wonder if it's because of smartphones that hina-sammue is able to meet you?

Thanks to the smartphones!

However, the goal of meeting on a smartphone is to dance and sing in a big chorus at a real concert with the venue vibrating loudly, so that we can all connect with each other in real life!

We can't wait to meet you!